Controllers Deconstructed by BA Print Shop

In our three decades on God’s green earth, there are very few gaming consoles that we haven’t had a go on at some point or other here at Coolector HQ and, though we’re big fans of the PS4 and Xbox ONE, we do sometimes grow nostalgic about the good old days of gaming where we could run away from the referee on FIFA on the MegaDrive and the awesomeness of the original Mario games on the NES. Given our love of old, vintage videogames, we were delighted to come across this superb series of prints from the BA Print Shop of deconstructed controllers of some of the best videogames consoles to ever have existed.

The BA Print Shop is a Toronto based store that offers some awesome prints that they have created from a love of the medium which, in this case, is videogames and it is genuinely interesting to us here at Coolector HQ to see the innards of these controllers that provided some of our most abiding childhood memories. Whether it’s the controller from the SNES or the short-lived SEGA Dreamcast, most consoles’ controller are represented in this spiffing series of prints and the BA Print Shop have definitely got firm fans of their work in The Coolector. Check out some of the best below:










If you’re as big fans of videogames, particularly retro videogames, as us here at The Coolector then you’re likely to be impressed with this cracking series of prints by the BA Print Shop and we’re certainly planning on getting on hands on some this spring.

Price: $50

Available: BA Print Shop

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