Wheel Vinyl Record Player

With the resurgence of vinyl, it was inevitable that more and more brands would start making great looking new record players but if minimalism is your bag then you really can’t look past the awesome Wheel Vinyl Record Player from Miniot. With so much more vinyl flooding the markets, finding new means of playing it is becoming ever easier but you’re not going to find many devices as aesthetically accomplished as Wheel from Miniot.

Understated visuals and design are the call of the day with the Wheel Vinyl Record Player and this cracking bit of kit really couldn’t be simpler to set up and start playing your vinyl straight away. It is a minimal record player which is simple, pure and straightforward to use. All you need to do is place a record on Wheel and it will play the tracks from the bottom. All the device’s functions are controlled by the center stick. Clever design and impeccable performance combine to make this a must for vinyl lovers.

Simple, Stylish Design

Available for pre-order in a standard and limited edition iteration, the Wheel Vinyl Record Player ensures that all the technology is crafted into the Wheel’s platter, underneath the vinyl record itself which is great because it means you have an unobstructed view of your favourite records and the delicate stylus is out of harm’s way. Put simply, everything happens behind the scenes with the Wheel from Miniot.

The Wheel Vinyl Record Player is ideally suited to those who don’t want to disrupt their interior design endeavours with a conventional record player as it is so understated and minimalist in nature that it really does fit in anywhere and ensures that you can always enjoy your favourite vinyl records. The way it has been designed means that the Wheel can be used either vertically or horizontally and whether you choose to hang it on a wall or lay it on a coffee table, the quality of the sound is always second to none.

Boasting a stunning AudioTechnica AT95E cartridge which delivers a pleasingly warm and rich sound not to mention superb clarity and detail, it’s easy to see why vinyl lovers are falling for the Wheel. The whole arm is micro machined out of a single piece of laminated mahogany for a stylish, retro style finish which is sure to appeal and we’re big fans of the classy visuals on offer here at Coolector HQ.

Quality Sound

The Wheel Vinyl Record Player uses a single type of cartridge, something which is important because it means that it can fine-tune each tonearm for damping, resonance and weight distribution and, in doing so, makes sure that the device always delivers first class sound performance.

If you’re desperate to get some understated vinyl awesomeness in your life, the Wheel Vinyl Record Player from Miniot is available for pre-order now and has an expected delivery date towards the end of 2017. Born from a highly popular Kickstarter campaign, excitement is high surrounding this great looking device and we’re definitely hoping to get our hands on one here at Coolector HQ.

Price: €650-800 (pre-order pricing)

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