False Bay Writer’s Cabin

As we spend the vast majority of our day writing here at Coolector (interspersed with plenty of getting distracted by things), it’s fair to say that we’re in pretty dire need of a writer’s retreat in order to stay focused on the job in hand and we’re not likely to find many better candidates for the job and this superbly designed and minimalist False Bay Writer’s Cabin from Olson Kundig Architects.

The False Bay Writer’s Cabin is situated on the San Juan Islands in Washington and is a 500 square foot structure that serves as a private writer’s retreat and, occasionally, a guest cottage for visitors. It is perfectly suited to the pursuit of writing as it boasts a glorious backdrop (which you can choose to hide if you find it distracting to your writing, but more about that later) and the sort of unfussy, minimalistic design that is ideal for keeping concentration at maximum levels.

Fortress of Solitude

With a brief to design a space that was totally in keeping with the natural surroundings on San Juan Island, Olson Kundig got to work on the gloriously stylish structure you see before you and the False Bay Writer’s Cabin is definitely a space that we aspire to one day here at Coolector HQ. The island on which the False Bay Writer’s Cabin is situated boasts a mild climate, scenic views and close proximity to wildlife so if it’s inspiration for writing you seek, you will surely find it.

In essence, a glass house surrounded by three wooden slat decks and topped with an inverted hip roof with deep overhangs, the False Bay Writer’s Cabin from Olson Kundig is fairly simple in execution but it is with the interior and exterior design flourishes that it really comes to life and makes us incredibly jealous that this isn’t where we do our day to day writing here at The Coolector.

The pièce de résistance of the structure is the incredible folding walls which operate via an innovative system of hydraulic winches, wire rope, pivoting sheaves and lead blocks which all work in unison so that the decks can be raised to serve as shutters, completely closing off the cabin from the outside world. When they are open, the shutter-decks double up as highly functional outdoor living space which does a first rate job of connecting to the interior with eye-catching 10 foot tall windows and sliding doors.

Superior Interior

Aesthetically superior on the inside, the False Bay Writer’s Cabin is essentially one glazed room with a understated, back-of-cabin area which is home to a small bathroom and kitchen area. The decoration of the property is sympathetic and restrained, punctuated only by a blackened steel floor inlay that weaves through the cabin. There is a rack attached to the back of the cabin for the owner to store their kayaks to go out and enjoy the open water surrounding the breathtaking retreat.

As regular writers, a property of this nature certainly appeals to our sensibilities here at Coolector HQ and Olson Kundig have done an incredible job of designing a space perfectly suited to writing and which sits unobtrusively within the stunning surroundings of San Juan Island.

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