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If you’re stuck in a dead end job and have long been trying to find a way of spending more time in the great outdoors then we think we might have just find the ideal solution in the form of these spiffing Wheelys Cafe Bicycles that will give you the opportunity to become your own pedlar of awesomeness (most likely coffee, let’s face it) and we’re massively enamoured with the thought of having a sideline here at The Coolector.

Wheelys Cafe is billed as a full-service cafe on wheels and the design of the beast is most impressive indeed and it will likely draw hipsters towards it like moth to a flame so it may well be a license to print money. You’ll  be astounded with how many little bits of gadgetry have made it onto the Wheelys Cafe (which are available to purchase commercially) and if you’ve been looking for a cool way of selling food and drink then this is surely it.

On board a Wheelys Cafe (which is an electric bicycle to begin with) you’ll find an LCD television, USB chargers, solar panels, collapsible table, water tank, running water and sink, storage aplenty and whole heap more cool features that really will make this the ideal choice for starting up a small enterprise of your own. Check out a few more shots of the Wheelys Cafe below:






As you can see, the Wheelys Cafe is a supremely impressive construct and we’re massive fans of its vintage visual appeal coupled with cutting edge technology here at Coolector HQ. It is often difficult to know where to begin when it comes to starting a new business but when you’ve got machines as magnificent as this as one of your starting blocks, it will inevitably make things a whole heap easier.

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