The Whisker Dam

Though we seldomly sport a magnificent moustache here at Coolector HQ we have known the sorrow of a soggy lip-slug in the past and, whilst a moustache often serves as a good storage point for beer to soak up later, it’s not much fun having a sodden moustache whilst imbibing your favourite tipple and if this is a woe that besets you then you’ll likely want to get your hands on one of these supremely dapper looking Whisker Dams.

We drink plenty of beer at The Coolector and we’re never adverse to products that can ramp up the enjoyment of said drinking and the Whisker Dam is one of the coolest looking products we’ve come across of late and it will clearly have plenty of draw for those fellows who are capable of sporting a glorious Ron Swanson-esque moustache. It is invariably the froth in beer that is the chief culprit when it comes to annoying the moustachioed but this Whisker Dam will keep said froth at bay and let you enjoy nothing but the amber nectar without any froth in sight.

It’s like an umbrella for your face…

The Whisker Dam will sit snugly on any pint glass and is crafted from 100% copper for a solid, weighty finish that makes it an attractive accessory in its own right – on top of its obvious awesomeness in the beer drinking stakes. If the alternatives are either not enjoying delicious craft ales this Christmas or, perhaps more heinous still, shaving off your moustache, getting one of these Whisker Dams is the ultimate no-brainer. Check out some more shots of this ace looking construct below:







For any frequenter of the pub who has a moustache, having a Whisker Dam on your person at all times will showcase you as a man of refinement and, likely, the dapperest man in the pub. We love great looking products like this at Coolector HQ and when there’s a beer element thrown into the mix, then it’s a clear case of shut up and take our money.

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