Williamson Goods & Supply Wheelmen Bicycle

Whilst we’re not sure how we feel about potentially paying more for a bike than you would for most decent cars today, there are some occasions when quality shines through and a product is known as “reassuringly expensive” – the immaculate and devilishly dapper Williamson Goods & Supply Wheelmen Bicycle is one such example of exactly that.

Clocking in an eye-watering and wallet shattering $35,000, you’re going to expect a lot from the Williamson Goods & Supply Wheelmen Bicycle and, we’re pleased to report, it more than delivers. Billed as a custom-built masterpiece, this extraordinary steed will be limited to just 30 pieces in total so if you’re after the ultimate in two-wheeled transportation, you’re going to have to get your skates on before they’re all gone.

Luxury on Two Wheels

There is almost a mind boggling array of luxury features to be enjoyed with the breathtaking Williamson Goods & Supply Wheelmen Bicycle that it is difficult to know where to begin. Such is the attention to detail and the exemplary craftsmanship that has gone into each bike, they are almost works of art as well as being your head-turning mode of transportation.

The Wheelmen Bicycle from Williamson Goods & Supply is available in three different colourways (with only ten being made in each) and these are Navy/Chrome, Navy/Copper and Tan/Copper and each is as spectacular as the last from an aesthetics point of view. These magnificent bicycles are hand brazed in Detroit using highest quality chromoly tubing and the visual impact that this delivers truly is second to none.

With the frame, fork, lugs, and stem all hand-made by Williamson, with individual copper detailing and gloriously understated logos brazed in place, you’ll find it hard to keep attention on the road and away from the stunning detailing of this one in a million bicycle. Each component of the steed is wrapped with python or crocodile leather and has been hand sewn into place. It is also a highly customisable offering with the brake levers, gear system, pedals, and cranks all being assembled to your exacting specifications.

Incredible Craftsmanship

Every element of the Williamson Goods & Supply Wheelmen Bicycle positively screams luxury and the materials that have been used in its crafting really are second to none – something you’d expect from a contraption costing some $35,000. This stunning machine has an abundance of accessories as part of the package and some of the stand out ones include a Velo Orange Copper Plated Front Carrier Rack, Black Leather Saddle Tool Bag and a Copper Plated Adult Beverage Canister.

Whilst we’ll likely never be in a position to spend $35,000 on a bicycle here at Coolector HQ, you can rest assured that, were we suitably monied, then this amazing looking steed from Williamson Goods & Supply would very much be sitting on our must have list. Incredibly well crafted and replete with the most luxurious materials imaginable, this really is a bicycle quite unlike any other.

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