Wolf & Grizzly Outdoor Cook System

There are few experiences more rewarding than cooking up a storm in the great outdoors but, let’s face it, it is often more difficult and frustrating than it needs to be. Well, no more, courtesy of this excellent looking Wolf & Grizzly Outdoor Cook System which is funding (exceptionally well, we might add) over on Kickstarter right now – something which is testament that this is exactly the sort of outdoor cooking apparatus men have been waiting for.

The Wolf & Grizzly Outdoor Cook System on Kickstarter is billed as outdoor cooking reimagined and this compact, minimal-trace cooking solution will have you crafting your favourite foods in the great outdoors in no time. If you’ve grown weary of clunky, damaging and inconvenient methods of cooking in the wild, this offering from outdoor specialists, Wolf & Grizzly, will be right up your street and, perhaps best of all, it can be yours for just $129 during the crowdfunding campaign.

Wonderful Wilderness Cooking

Compact, easy to use and great value for money, the Outdoor Cook System from Wolf & Grizzly is a real triple threat. The system consists of three layers – the Foundation, which is a portable, foldable frame with a grill surface for traditional BBQing. Then there is the Cook Set which is an array of cooking apparatus such as a chopping board, griddle and 2L pot and, last but not least, the Fire Safe which is a two-part, portable fire pit which pairs perfectly with the grill.

With the Wolf & Grizzly Outdoor Cook System (from $129) you can enjoy much more flexible meal planning in the great outdoors. You can mix and match your cooking surface to perfectly complement your cooking style and you can use just one surface for maximum control. Just slide it across the rail system and reach the hotter or cooler zones of your fire. There are multiple height settings – 8-inch, 6-inch and flat – so regardless of the size of fire you’re cooking on, the system can adapt to it.

Basically a kitchen in a box, the Outdoor Cook System from Wolf & Grizzly is a mighty versatile set of apparatus and equipment which will significantly ramp up your cooking potential when you head out into the wild. The portability is second to none and the functionality it delivers unparalleled – it’s easy to see why this wilderness essential is taking Kickstarter by storm as we speak.

Minimal Environmental Impact

One of the best features of the Wolf & Grizzly Outdoor Cooking System is the fact is has a minimal environmental footprint and keeps your heat source safely off the ground. It offers effortless ash disposal and the cooking elements are built to last and crafted from 304 Stainless Steel which adds a tangible sense of quality to the wares.

For those with a love of the great outdoors and cooking in the wild, this Wolf & Grizzly Outdoor Cook System is an essential purchase in our mind here at The Coolector. It offers excellent value, superb style and versatile cooking potential so, quite frankly, what’s not to like? Head on over to Kickstarter now to bag yours for a bargain price.

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