Wolfe & Packe Venture Pant

For anyone who has recently watched James Bond Spectre and questioned just how Bond manages to carry out such athletic feats whilst wearing a tailored suit might do well to turn your attention towards the Wolfe & Packe Venture Pant, currently funding over on Kickstarter, to find some answers.

Billed as the original tailored performance chino pants with interchangeable cuff linings, the Venture Pant from Wolfe & Packe is the perfect piece of apparel for any chap who wants to remain looking stylish whilst maintaining an active lifestyle. This project which is funding on Kickstarter was born from a frustration from what was available on the market for a stylish chino that permits an active lifestyle, so Wolfe & Packe took matters into their own hands and decided to produce their own and, with that, the Venture Pant project was up and running.

Boasting an intelligent design coupled with interchangeable cuff linings which lets the wearer quickly and simply change or remove their cuff lining depending on the activity they’re engaged in. Crafted from durable materials without compromising on visuals, the Venture Pant from Wolfe & Packe is going to score well both on a style and functionality front – check out a few more shots below:









There are a whole host of features to the Venture Pant form Wolfe & Packe which includes a comfort 4-way stretch, the aforementioned interchangeable cuff linings, spacious pockets for today’s modern smartphones and other pieces of EDC and crafted from quality, durable materials, there really is nothing not to like about this highly impressive piece of apparel.

If you’re after some highly versatile pants that will be perfect for cycling, climbing and any activity heavy pursuit then these brilliant ones from Wolfe & Packe, funding over on Kickstarter, would definitely be our choice.

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