Yecup 365

Coffee and camping are two big passions of ours at The Coolector and we were delighted to discover they have come together in a mighty unexpected, yet awesome, way in the form of this top notch looking Yecup 365 which could just be the next must have camping essential in our eyes.

The Yecup 365 is, in essence, a drinking vessel, perfectly suited to your coffee or craft beer on a camping trip but, in actuality, it is considerably more advanced than it might first appear. This excellent looking bit of kit is billed by its creator as your wireless mug for on the go and for all seasons and it has an abundance of super cool features that set it apart from the crowd.

Just some of the most eye-catching features of this extraordinary looking vessel include the fact that it lets you heat up your drink up to 158 Fahrenheit directly from an app on your phone. In addition to this, it offers you phone charging capabilities, the capacity to cool drinks down and even keeping them at the same temperature all day. Check out a few more shots below:









Keeping hydrated on your camping trips is always going to be a priority but now we’re so technology obsessed, the vessels we use to facilitate this need to be knocked up a notch and that’s exactly what the Yecup aims to do. Available for pre-order now, we can’t wait to get our hands on one here at Coolector HQ.

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