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Our search for awesome artwork to dot about Coolector HQ is more or less never ending and that’s why we’re always delighted to discover stylised offering like these decidedly spiffing You Are Here Prints from Brilliantly British.

Brilliantly intermingling eye-catching landmarks such as the Flatiron Building in New York and the Eiffel Tower in Paris into repurposed maps, these excellent looking prints are ideally suited to those who want to add a bit of geographical flair to their interior design endeavours.

The bright and vibrant prints from You Are Here are definitely up our artistic street here at The Coolector and if you too are after some eye-catching pieces of artwork for your home and fancy something a little out of the ordinary then these will certainly fit the bill. Check out a few more of our favourites below:





Boasting a highly striking aesthetic that will elevate the visual appeal of any room in which you hang them, these cracking architectural inspired prints from You Are Here are sure to appeal to those after some interesting artwork. The maps used in the prints are typically vintage ones which have an added level of interest and which have been discovered by looking through old archives for maps from years ago – the New York themed prints, for example, uses a map from 1904 that really does add a new dimension to the prints.

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