Brevitē Travel & Commuter Backpack

Travelling and commuting are, needless to say, two of the main reasons for requiring a reliable backpack but, lamentably, not all are created equal in the style and performance departments but you’ll not go too far wrong if you make this Brevitē Travel & Commuter Backpack your next carry of choice for all your work and adventure requirements.

The Brevitē Travel & Commuter Backpack is funding over on Kickstarter now and it is lightweight, functional, compact and weatherproof so you know there’s no scenario in which it will let you down when travelling or commuting. This cracking accessory consists of three different carries – namely, The Roamer, The Scout and The Runner – and each will have their own merits when it comes to the sort of uses you’re looking to impart upon them. Impeccably stylish and well crafted, regardless of the situation, these first rate backpacks will always look the part.

Last Backpack You’ll Ever Need

Truth be told, we all hope that when buying a backpack that it will be the last one we ever need but, alas, this seldom proves to be the case because it either doesn’t have the durability to last the pace or doesn’t deliver in the storage department. Well, these are two areas in which the Brevitē Travel & Commuter Backpack excels so when it says it will be the last backpack you’ll ever need to buy, it might just be true.

The Brevitē Travel & Commuter Backpack boasts a whole host of fantastic features which add to both its functionality and versatility and add weight to its claim of being the last backpack you’ll need to purchase. This superb accessory has a removable insert which helps ensure you’ve got the right amount of storage for your requirements, a 15″ laptop sleeve, ergonomic handles, and easy access pocket for all your EDC and padded straps for additional comfort.

Designed for travellers, photographers, students, workers, you name it, the Brevitē Travel & Commuter Backpack has got you covered with its immeasurable versatility. These stealthy looking backpacks are crafted from robust materials to ensure they last the distance and there are so many different ways in which to use these various carries that no matter where you’re going or what you need to take, they’ll not let you down.

Adventure Accessories

With an awful lot of thought and attention to detail going into the design of these brilliant carries, it’s not difficult to see why they’re proving so popular over on Kickstarter right now. The Brevitē Travel & Commuter Backpack is rocketing towards its funding target and the stealthy, understated aesthetic of each of the carries within the collection is right up our street here at Coolector HQ.

For those of you hankering after some expertly crafted, storage filled backpacks for all your work and travel adventures in 2018, the Brevitē Travel & Commuter Backpack would certainly be one of our first picks. Great to look at, durable and with all manner of first class features to set it apart, you know what you need to do – head on over to Kickstarter now.

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