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It’s been quite some time since we featured a wallet here on the pages of The Coolector so it stands to reason that now that we are, it’s quite an impressive looking one to say the least and it goes by the name of the Zenlet Wallet. Needless to say, one’s choice of wallet will invariably come down to personal preference but in terms of style and functionality but, by and large, we’re all looking for a wallet that is intuitive and unobtrusive and the Zenlet certainly looks as though it ticks both of these boxes.

The Zenlet Wallet is billed as bringing simplicity, intuitiveness and security together in one stylish little package and, from what we’ve seen, we’re inclined to agree that they have hit the nail on the head with this one. It is the work of a Taiwan based team of designers and boasts a clever design feature that segregates the cards and allows you to easily access the right card quickly and effectively. The video below shows the Zenlet Wallet in action and admirably illustrates just why it has left us so impressed here at Coolector HQ:

[vimeo width=”750″ height=”450″]http://vimeo.com/94858230[/vimeo]

Finding a wallet that offers security, a visual appeal and isn’t a cumbersome beast to carry around is a Holy Grail for most men and the Zenlet looks to tick many of the right boxes. The Zenlet Wallet is waterproof and incredibly lightweight so won’t let you down in a rainstorm and if you’ve any concerns about the robustness of the Zenlet then think again because it can withstand up to a thousand times its own weight and the video below shows why errant bikes no longer need be a concern of yours:

[vimeo width=”750″ height=”450″]http://vimeo.com/94858228[/vimeo]

We’ve been left impressed with the clever design features and resilience of the Zenlet Wallet and if you’ve decided its time for a new carry, this superbly designed offering might well be a good place to start.

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