3D Futurama Render

Futurama is a favourite of ours here at The Coolector but we’ve not quite as much skill as a talented graphic designer from Moscow called Alexy Zakharov in order to show our appreciation for the hit show. The super-skilled artist has shown his appreciation for the hit Fox show by creating a simply mesmerising 3D render of the Futurama universe that left us utterly agog and, if you’re a fan of the show as well, we dare say you will be left equally as impressed.

Now Futurama has come to an end once again, we’re delighted that there are still those out there keeping the flame alive and Zakharov was able to create his stunning depiction of New New York with Photoshop, After Effects, Nuke and 3Dsmax and the end result is nothing short of extraordinary. The video above has been crafted in 3D and truly does bring the Futurama cityscape to life in an entirely new and engaging manner.

Though the video is upsettingly all too brief at a mere 30 seconds, it does admirably illustrate the potential for a Futurama movie in the future and that’s something that we’d definitely be a fan of – particularly if someone as skilled as Zakharov is left in charge of creating the 3D environments. When the Planet Express ship rockets into view, it becomes highly reminiscent of the show’s opening credits and we’re itching to watch Futurama again after spending the last thirty minutes poring over this 30 second clip that shows what the future could hold for Futurama.

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