Zombie Survival Vehicles


Whilst I wouldn’t say that we here at The Coolector spend every waking hour worrying about a zombie apocalypse, it’s always prudent to be prepared and that’s why we’ve noted these brilliantly designed Zombie Survival Vehicles by Donal O’Keeffe.

I dare say that, if the apocalypse were to transpire, we’d lack the DIY skills to turn our cars (or any requisitioned bus or post van) into anything even mildly resembling O’Keeffe fantastically conceived designs but it will be good to have something to work towards at least. Zombies are a notoriously persistent bunch, so it stands to reason that any vehicle will have to be pretty well kitted out and these awesome looking designs are probably are best hope for survival at Coolector HQ if zombies do start chowing down on brains and what have you. Take a look at a few more of these potential life-savers below:

FS-Zombie-Survival-Bus FS-Zombie-Survival-Sedan FS-Zombie-Survival-Van


Donal O’Keeffe is a graphic designer and illustrator and, safe to say, we here at The Coolector are definitely impressed with our first encounter with his excellent body of work in the form of these wonderfully realised Zombie Survival Vehicles.

The Coolector consider ourselves well prepared for the zombie apocalypse now and, should we have any trouble in replicating O’Keeffe’s designs, we’ll surely be banging on the talented chap’s door for tips.

See the rest of O’Keeffe’s work over at DonaloKeeffe.com.

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