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We all know it can often be difficult to motivate oneself to go for that run in the morning or after work. We all need a bit of a push from time to time and what better excuse to get your running shoes on than an impending zombie apocalypse? Well, that’s exactly the premise of an impressive new app that goes by the name of Zombies, Run which is taking popular culture’s love of all things zombie at present and transferring them into an app that will help you to get fit and healthy.

Zombies, Run is a already an established network of runners (in excess of 800,000 registered users apparently) who use the app, and its accompanying zombie scenarios, to run further and farther than before to escape hordes of zombies. For fans of The Walking Dead, this app will be right up there zombie shuffling street and it’s merely a bit of fun, of course, but it does have the overriding fitness objective bubbling away beneath it’s brain-gobbling surface.

Using interval training techniques and allowing you to listen to your own music whilst running helps Zombies, Run to gradually enhance how far you are capable of running and how quickly you can do it. It creates fictitious zombie situations that require you to get to certain places by certain times to slowly but surely increase your endurance capabilities.

We’re notoriously bad at exercise dodging here at Coolector HQ and whilst we’re more likely to respond favourably to app that has a pub scenario i.e. getting to the pub before last orders are called, we’re definitely willing to make do with Zombies, Run until that time. Check out a couple more shots below:

Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 13.16.23


Whilst the premise behind Zombies, Run might be a little gimmicky, if it has the desired effect of getting more people to exercise then who are we to complain? We’re definitely the sort who will put off exercise here at Coolector HQ and chances are that something like this might be just the thing we need to make us more motivated to reach our fitness goals.

Available: iTunes Store

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