Sultan’s Spice Hand Made Beard Oil

Following on from our recent covering of the rather excellent Man Comb which was an instrument for caring for your facial (and indeed head) hair, we’ve discovered another thing that we’d be happy to lather on our beard were we capable of growing one here at Coolector HQ. The product in question is Sultan’s Spice Hand Made Beard Oil and, if you do boast face follicle capabilities, then we dare say that you’ll want to sit up and take notice of this cracking looking product.

The Sultan’s Spice Hand Made Beard Oil is crafted to deal with unruly beards that bristle and itch and if this sounds like you, you’ve likely just found a new facial ally in this superb looking product. Beard oils are, of course, a product that only the suitably hairy will contemplate but, truth be told, if you do sport a facial rug, you’ll definitely appreciate a well crafted beard oil and these Sultan’s Spice offerings are undoubtedly that.

Boasting all manner of spices and fragrances such as frankincense and various cloves to give your beard a delightful scent, Sultan’s Spice Hand Made Beard Oil should be taking up residence in any bearded chap’s wash bag because it will undoubtedly enhance the awesomeness of your beard no end. Feast your eyes on a few more shots of Sultan’s Spices below:






Crafted by artisans for a superior quality product, Sultan’s Spice Hand Made Beard Oils are an essential purchase for the well-bearded man and though that doesn’t apply to us here at Coolector HQ, we’re definitely not so short-sighted as not to be won over by the superb branding that is evident with this product and we’ve got our fingers crossed that we’ll one day be able to grow a beard just so we can use this cracking looking beard oil.

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Leo Davie