The Man Comb

Men are the hairier sex yet we are considerably less likely to carry a comb on our person. Something didn’t tally there for London based designer, Arthur Randall, do he decided to do something to redress the balance and set about creating The Man Comb which aims to cater to every man’s grooming requirements and has a few other features that will surely appeal too but we’re go into those shortly.

It is perhaps only fair to point out that Randall sports a rather glorious beard so has more need for a taming comb than most but that isn’t to say that your less facial haired fellow can’t make use of the superb looking Man Comb he has crafted. The Man Comb is tough and compact and is billed as the ultimate tool for your hair and beard. We’re not particularly beardy here at Coolector HQ but some of this brilliantly conceived accessory’s other features stand out to us, such as its bottle opener for cracking open those craft ales on a hot summer’s day.

A wonderfully stylish offering that is ideally suited to many a hairy hipster, The Man Comb is right up our street at The Coolector and you can see a few more shots of this spiffing implement below which will likely make you want to head straight to the Kicktarter page and show your support:





There has clearly been a lot of thought put into the design of The Man Comb and it is a decidedly dapper accessory that any man will be able to make good use of this summer. If you’ve been on the lookout for a well-designed, functional, portable and stylish accessory to tame your head and face locks, The Man Comb will definitely tick all of the right boxes and it’s definitely got our support and there’s still time to show yours too.

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