DZR Mechanic Shoes

We love cycling here at Coolector HQ but not to the point whereby we invest in all the gear – lycra et al – but there’s always room in our lives for awesome products that look stylish and improve your cycling experience and that’s why we’re definitely more than a little impressed with these excellent looking DZR Mechanic Shoes.


No, these are footwear fit for a mechanic but rather a first class piece of gear that any cyclist who might be lazier than most will want to sit up and take notice of. Billed as the ultimate companion for the lazy cyclist, these awesome looking DZR Mechanic Shoes provide all the benefits of being attached to your pedals without any of the lack of coolness that goes with it.

Cycle in Style

Lets face it, most of us casual cyclists are going to want to ride in sneakers as opposed to anything else but you’ll often find this doesn’t deliver the same sort of comfort or performance as footwear tailor made for cycling but that’s where these DZR Mechanic Shoes come in – as the perfect middle ground between fashion and function.



This great looking piece of footwear design boasts a perforated vegan toe cap and ballistic nylon side panels that guarantees an unassuming California deck shoe with genuine classic aesthetic. The sort of footwear that you can wear just as easily on and off the bike and doesn’t have any of the lack of mobility associated with footwear that normally plugs into your pedals. Stylish, functional and durable, the DZR Mechanic Shoes really are a triple thread.


Cycling is a pastime that you either take extremely seriously or do for fun – we fall firmly in the latter category here at Coolector HQ – and that’s why these great looking DZR Mechanic Shoes have resonated with us. For any man looking for a cool looking pair of sneakers which doubles as an extremely functional cycling shoe, then you need look no further.

Functional Fashion

The materials used in the construction of these clever and cool DZR Mechanic Shoes makes for a supremely functional performance. They utilise natural gum rubber which is sticky, robust and provides top notch grip on all manner of surfaces. They also boast a full-length nylon mid-sole/shank that has been designed with a meticulously planned stiffness for a combination of both power transfer while you’re pedalling your bicycle and the necessary flexibility when you jump off and start walking.



For any casual cycling enthusiast out there looking for some footwear that doesn’t get in the way of their day to day and allows for the easy transition between cycling and walking, then these DZR Mechanic Shoes are the ideal solution. Understated, cool and wonderfully functional, we’re definitely expecting these to be under the tree of many biking fans later this month.

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