5 of the Best Beer Designs

Hornstull Honey Amber

We love a nice drop of beer here at The Coolector HQ but it’s not just the taste of the amber nectar that we enjoy, we are also big lovers of uniquely branded beer bottles and, as luck would have it, there are hundreds of top notch beer designs out there and we will be looking at five of our favourites below:

Doss Blockos Pale Ale

Doss Blockos

We’re not adverse to a spot of day-time drinking and, in the interest of authenticity, we like to drink our beer out of a brown paper bag but, having grown tired of continually stocking up our supplies of little brown bags, we’re going to cut out the middle man with this brilliant branded Doss Blockos Pale Lager that comes replete with paper bag. So, just pick up a 6-pack, head the park and you’re good to go.

Inner Loop Lager Roc Brewing Co.

Roc Brewing Co.

A dapperly designed can of lager indeed, this Inner Loop drop from the Roc Brewing Co. is definitely the sort of design we appreciate here at The Coolector. The eye-catching can design is a nod to the “inner loop” in Rochester which is a stretch of road responsible for delivering thousands to and from work each day (but who hopefully aren’t enjoying the delights of Inner Loop Lager at the same time).

Killer Whale Cream Ale

Killer Whale Cream Ale

I’m not going to lie, the fact that the name of this brilliant designed beer rhymes is one of the principle appeals but I’m also loving the package design. Killer Whale Cream Ale has the sort of rustic design that I love and, though I’m not particularly au fait with cream ales (typically favouring Guinness), this is exactly the sort of beer that will tempt me to the Light Side.

Cerveceria Sagrada

ceverceria beer

Providing a nod to the timeless Mexican wrestling era of the 1950’s, this brilliantly designed Cerveceria Sagrada Mexican lager will definitely be taking pride of place in the kitchen and, safe to say, it will be more of a wrench than normal to throw these bottles away when they have been polished off. Loving the awesomely stylised labels indicative of the masks worn by the Mexican wrestlers of yesteryear, this is possibly The Coolector’s favourite of our top 5 beer designs.

Hornstull Honey Beer

Hornstull Honey Amber

This great looking honey beer is a tribute to the Hornstull area of Sweden and boasts a depressed looking mouse on the label but, again, this is exactly the sort of design that piques our interest here at The Coolector. This drop is made from honey from a local beehive and, if the image above is anything to go by, the bees in question aren’t believers in the mantra “don’t get high on your own supply“.

Beer designs via TheDieLine.

So, there you have it – that’s our top 5 beer designs. Feel free to chuck some of your own suggestions into our comments section.

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