Andrew Kolb Illustrations

I’ve got a lot of time for capable illustrators and even more time (a whole day, perhaps) for those who incorporate Calvin and Hobbes into their doodles. So, when I stubbled across the illustrative skills of Andrew Kolb, it’s safe to say I didn’t venture too far from the computer for a good few hours as I made my way through his wonderfully eclectic array of scribblings. Check out some of the best below:


Illustrating is something which I am entirely incapable at but I have nothing but admiration for those chaps who dedicate their lives to brilliantly stylistic doodling and Andrew Kolb is definitely one of the best I’ve seen in a while. Covering a wide range of my favourite stuff from Calvin and Hobbes to Pixar movies and one of the all-time best sit-coms, Arrested Development. Kolb and I are clearly reading from the same play-sheet – he just happens to be great at drawing and I’m a drunken wreck.

Loving all of this chap’s stuff – check out more of Andrew Kolb’s illustrations at Kolb is Neat.

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