7 Deadly Sins Cat Version

Cats being hilarious entities is something I think we can all agree upon. With this in mind, we were delighted to stumble across this awesome series of illustrations from London based illustrator, Maria Tiurina, which showcases the 7 Deadly Sins as captured by cats. Needless to say, cats more or less epitomise the sins in their day to day endeavours so there can be few better muses for capturing the likes of sloth, wrath and envy than our feline friends.

Tiurina created this collection of bad behaving cats for artistic platform NeonMob which showcases all manner of new and established artistic talent and this 7 Deadly Sins Cat Version is undoubtedly amongst our favourite here at Coolector HQ and you can check out a few of the best below:





I think any seasoned cat owner will more than recognise these traits in their own feline companions and they have been superbly captured by the illustrative talents of Maria Tiurina. If you’ve a penchant for cats and like seeing them at their destructive and moody worst then chances are you will love this first rate series entitled 7 Deadly Sins Cat Version and, though we’ve not owned a cat for many years here at The Coolector, we know full well these representations are spot on.

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