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A sedentary lifestyle whereby we spend hours on end sitting at desks each day is wreaking havoc with our health if doctors are to be believed and it is suggested that standing up for just a few hours each day can be the equivalent to running 10 marathons a year so, put simply, we should all be doing it but, in actuality, most don’t.

This may well be because there isn’t a piece of furniture out there that caters adequately to the different kinds of workers i.e. those who work from home, those with a laptop etc but there is a new piece on the market that looks set to alleviate all these concerns and deliver the perfect workspace that lets you stand when you want to and sit when you need to. It goes by the name of LIFT and is the work of Coolector alum, iSkelter, who have appeared on these here pages a number of times now due to the fact they seem to have an insatiable lust for crafting awesome looking products.

The LIFT is a stunning piece of design that is billed as the cure for the sitting disease and it is a fully-adjustable smart desk which you can tailor to your own requirements to make sure it dovetails with your working day just the way you want it to. You should endeavour to stand for as much of the day as you can bear and then sit down when you’re feeling the strain and that’s something that LIFT allows for and, as you can patently see, it looks mightily stylish whilst it is doing it.

You can personalise your LIFT with a choice of two finishes – natural bamboo or hazelnut bamboo – and it can come as a flat surface or fully loaded with all the features such as integrated white-board, docking stations, drinks holders and much more besides (we’re not sure why anyone would want the plain version such is the awesomeness of the fully loaded one but each to their own)! Check out some shots of the LIFT from iSkelter below:




We’re definitely guilty of spending vast proportions of the day hunched in front of a desk here at Coolector HQ (and have the bad back to prove it) so designs like the LIFT from iSkelter definitely appeal to us. Superbly constructed and brilliantly intuitive, it is little wonder that this cracking piece of furniture tore past its Kickstarter target in less than 24 hours, a fact which means you’ve got plenty of time to show your support without the worry of whether or not it will meet its target.

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