Bremont Lightweight E-Type Watch

Bremont are a favourite watchmaker of ours here at Coolector HQ as they are distinctly British in their endeavours and they’ve been crafting stylish, understated and painfully luxurious timepieces since their inception back in 2002. The brand is particularly well known for their special edition and collaborative pieces and the latest impeccable looking one off the production line is a collaboration with Jaguar and goes by the name of the Bremont Lightweight E-Type Watch and, as you can plainly see for yourself, it is a most stylish beast indeed.

The Bremont Lightweight E-Type Watch boasts an effortless cool which is very much in keeping with the vehicle after which it takes its name and we’re delighted to discover that Bremont and Jaguar have decided to only craft six of these timepieces so the level of exclusivity is exceptionally high. Jaguar plan to release six more legendary lightweight Jaguar E-Type cars (a racing car of some considerable repute) and each purchaser of one of the vehicles will receive the stunning Bremont to accompany it which is incentive enough in our eyes here at The Coolector.

This wonderfully crafted timepiece boasts some fantastic features that are very much fitting for the project for which it has been crafted and just a selection of the characteristics of this decidedly British watch include a 43mm watch face based on the Lightweight E-Type RPM Gauge, each watch carries the engine number of the car it pairs with, bespoke chronometers and propriety self-winding movement with 50 hour power reserve. Check out another shot of this first rate timepiece below alongside a video explaining the collaboration:


[youtube width=”650″ height=”400″][/youtube]

If you’re a lover of iconic British engineering and fantastically crafted timepieces, the Bremont Lightweight E-Type Watch has all the hallmarks of a must-have purchase but, needless to say, getting your hands on one will be no cheap undertaking as it also entails the purchase of a car but if you’ve the requisite resources, we can think of few better examples of watchmaking on which to spend your money.

The timepiece and, indeed, the new Jaguar cars will make their public debuts at the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance and will likely be the stars of the show in our humble opinion. A fantastic example of craftsmanship and British automotive and watchmaking heritage.

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