A-Slim Yaiba Card Holder

We’re pretty serious about our EDC line up here at Coolector HQ and, like for most men, we typically see the wallet as the cornerstone of our collection. We often look to change things up a little when it comes to our choice of wallet but, typically speaking, we like to keep our pocket as streamlined as possible and that’s why we always gravitate towards awesome accessories like this A-Slim Yaiba Card Holder to achieve this objective.

A-Slim have recently relaunched their website and it looks as good as their eye-catching line up of accessories, of which it is the Yaiba Card Holder that has really caught our eye. If you’re anything like us, you’ll no longer need a bulky wallet, chock full of unnecessary cards and paper notes – you’ll have streamlined your carry and will likely only have a handful of essential cards that you use on a daily basis. That’s why a streamlined card holder is the obvious choice and they just don’t come much better than the Yaiba from A-Slim.

Sleek & Elegant Design

Available in a vast array of different colourways to suit your own style persuasions, the A-Slim Yaiba Card Holder has a great price tag of just £24.99 so it won’t break the bank but will add a touch of class to your EDC line up. The Yaiba has a card capacity of up to eight cards with its four card slots and central pocket which will be more than enough storage space for most men’s essential selection of cards such as bank cards and travel cards.

The A-Slim Yaiba Card Holder (£24.99) has a tangible sense of quality to the touch and for those who want an affordable and stylish wallet for the line up of EDC, this would be a top pick of ours here at Coolector HQ. A-Slim strive to craft leather goods that incorporate the latest technologies and techniques and offer a range of accessories that are unrivalled in their possible uses and a range that is built for the future. Each and every design that A-Slim release has been through rigorous testing and only then will they offer them to you so you can rest easy that the quality is second to none.

Keeping one’s pocket as bulk free as possible is something we always considering when making EDC decisions here at Coolector HQ and that’s why accessories like the Yaiba Card Holder always resonate with us. This excellent offering from UK brand, A-Slim, is right up our street from an aesthetic point of view but it is also extremely functional and versatile to boot so there really is nothing not to like about it.

First Class Focus

A-Slim are firm believers in not spreading themselves too thinly and focus on just doing one thing well – namely, crafted impeccable slimline wallets in an array of different styles and colourways.  The Yaiba Card Holder is one of the brand’s cornerstone pieces and with good reason because this understated and effortlessly cool accessory will really provide the finishing touch to any man’s EDC line up.

Priced at the mighty reasonable £24.99, the Yaiba Card Holder from A-Slim ticks a lot of our boxes here at The Coolector so we’re sure it will appeal to plenty of others out there as well. With more than enough space for all the cards you’re likely to need in the 21st century, this top class accessory from A-Slim is likely to be the next wallet in our own pocket and now it’s just a question of choosing which colour combination to go for.

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