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Scandinavian watches are a bit like buses insomuch as you wait a long time for one good one and then, suddenly, a load come along at once and we’ve featured many of the best on the pages of The Coolector of late but possibly one of the best of the bunch are About Vintage Watches and their superb line up of minimalistic and dapper timepieces that will look great on any occasion or style.

About Vintage are a Danish watch brand who have a vision to be relevant today, tomorrow and beyond, and their objectiv focus is to craft elegant, understated yet spectacular watches for today’s stylish contemporary man. About Vintage Watches are not just a reference of style but also about the journey that is undertaken to get there. For any man with a love of striking but elegant timepieces, this impeccable selection from one of Denmark’s leading watchmakers will more than fit the bill.

Become Vintage

If we had to pick a style of timepiece that we favour here at Coolector HQ, it would certainly be sophisticated, dapper, Don Draper-esque watches like these ones from About Vintage that sit at our top table. Great to look at and boasting top of the range materials and specifications, it’s clear to see why this watchmaker has set themselves apart as one of Scandinavia’s finest purveyors of quality watches.

About Vintage Watches are designed in Denmark by Skov Anderson and it is their aim to create watches where simplicity and balance are the key elements and offer a combination of classic vintage detailing with small but perfectly formed contemporary design flourishes. This result in a glorious selection of watches that feature a coherent and elegant aesthetic, while offering different finishes to suit the multiple different design preferences that we all have.

With a number of different collections to choose from at About Vintage, you’re sure to find a timepiece that matches your tastes and the understated and minimalistic vibe of these watches is definitely right up our street at The Coolector. Each one of the watches from About Vintage are named after an important year in watchmaking so you’ll find the likes of 1815, 1821 and 1969 amongst their line up of supremely cool looking timepieces.

Wide Selection

One of the most impressive elements of About Vintage watches is just how many different styles there are on offer and regardless of your budget, you’ll find a timepiece that fits the bill. Their timepieces span the gamut from quartz watches through to high-quality, Swiss made automatic watches and, regardless of which you choose, you’ll be delighted to see the quality materials and craftsmanship that is evident from top to bottom.

Scandinavia is increasingly becoming our go-to when it comes to finding really cool looking watches nowadays and there are few better examples of why this is the case than About Vintage. The quality of their timepieces really is second to none and we’re loving the dapperness of the aesthetics and the dedication to delivering such a diverse range of watches from both a style and price point of view. Definitely a watchmaker we will be keeping an eye on in 2018 here at Coolector HQ.

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