Mission Workshop Albion Insulated Shirt Jacket

When winter arrives, thoughts invariably turn to the sorts of clothing which will make sure we stay warm and comfortable when out and about and this superb looking Mission Workshop Albion Insulated Shirt Jacket is going to tick plenty of the right boxes in this regard. Stylish and robust, this fantastic piece of outerwear from one of our favourite apparel brands, Mission Workshop, will have winter in its back pocket.

The Mission Workshop Albion Insulated Shirt Jacket is the brand’s take on a classic flannel but boasts plenty of extras which makes it tailor made for these cold winter months and your go-to piece when heading outside to battle the elements. This top notch piece of outerwear from Mission Workshop makes use of a Japanese engineered nylon face fabric which is incredibly water repellent, ultralight, and super stretchy for unparalleled comfort.

Exemplary Materials

As with all the clothing and accessories from first class lifestyle brand, Mission Workshop, the quality of the materials used throughout the construction of the Albion Insulated Shirt Jacket is what really sets it apart from the competition. The aforementioned Japanese engineered nylon is combined with high-loft fleece insulation to deliver the ideal mix for everyday warmth and comfort.

The Albion Insulated Shirt Jacket Mission Workshop is crafted from a 60g/m2 2-way stretch windshell outer fabric and 203g/m2 Polartec® high loft fleece lining and this is responsible for the immeasurable comfort and robustness of this excellent piece of outerwear. The high loft fleece delivers fantastic winter warmth with a soft hand and if you’re looking for a versatile piece of outerwear that goes with almost any occasion, then look no further than this.

As with the 2-way stretch DWR wind shell outer fabric, The Albion Jacket from Mission Workshop delivers a barrier to the worst weather elements and it has the ideal amount of warmth and freedom to move built into its clever design. Made in the USA, this first class piece of outerwear is available in a number of different colourways and it is taking pre-orders now for those who want to make this one of their clothing mainstays for 2018.

Built to Endure

Durability and robustness are key components of all the pieces of apparel from Mission Workshop and it’s no different with the Albion Insulated Shirt Jacket. This cleverly conceived and constructed piece of outerwear is going to be a great choice for keeping warm and comfortable this winter and we’ll definitely be looking to get our hands on inhere at Coolector HQ.

Suitable for any outfit or occasion, the excellent looking Albion Jacket has got an awful lot going for it in the aesthetic department and we’re in little doubt men will fall for its understated visual charms and magnificent materials used throughout its manufacture. An essential purchase for your winter warmth.

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