Adam Ambro AutoAdventure Prints

Whilst it’s not exactly difficult to find artwork with which to decorate your home or workspace if you’re a motoring enthusiasts, it is hard to find pieces of the calibre of these incredible Adam Ambro AutoAdventure Prints which will really draw the eye and elevate the cool of any room in which you deploy them.


Adam Ambro is a artist and architect who has an eye for the unconventional and his work is invariably inspired by urban landscapes. Operating out of Colorado, the talented chap’s story starts with a recycled canvas of newspaper, a few layers of markers, pens and, quite frankly, any other bits and pieces which were within arm’s reach to him. The breathtaking finished product of this process is a wonderfully textured, imperfect representation of a selection of the world’s most well-known and iconic adventuremobiles.

Motoring Aesthetics

We’re always in awe of those much more talented than us here at Coolector HQ who are able to see the beauty in the everyday and create something incomprehensibly excellent such as these superb prints from Adam Ambro.



With all manner of classic contraptions coming under Ambro’s purview with these magnificent prints – including Airstream, Jeeps and Broncos, it is almost impossible not to be in awe of the complex layering and eye-catching visuals built upon his base of recycled newspapers.

Unique Style 

For those of you looking for pieces of artwork that are unique and bold at the same time, these Adam Ambro Prints certainly won’t disappoint. Courtesy of the way in which they are made, no two will be the same and each boasts little imperfections which merely serve to add to their not inconsiderable charm.


If you’re a motoring, adventure or just an art enthusiast, the first class prints will make for the perfect addition to any workspace and we’re thoroughly impressed with the clever use of materials and exceptional visual impact of these amazing pieces here at Coolector HQ.

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