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Whilst we’re not the most artistic bunch here at Coolector HQ, we know full well that there are plenty out there with creativity positively flowing through their veins and who want an outlet for this talent that is to hand at all times. With this in mind, permit us to introduce you to the Adobe Ink & Slide which looks look a mightily impressive addition to the raft of illustrative tools on the market.

The Adobe Ink & Slide is billed as a creative cloud pen and digital ruler and what that essentially means to you and I is that you can use their device to make both sketching and technical drawing on a tablet device considerably more natural and fluid. Though this will be of little use to childish doodlers like us here at The Coolector, those whose stock and trade is the art of creativity i.e. your designers, illustrators, artists and architects, a device like the Adobe Slide & Ink will likely be seen as somewhat of a Godsend.

Boasting a pressure sensitive pen and a rather impressive digital ruler that will allow you to draw any shape on your iPad including straight lines and perfect circles with considerable ease. Take a look at a few more shots of the Adobe Ink & Slide below:




We’re all for technological innovations here at The Coolector and it certainly looks as though the Adobe Ink & Slide could really help open up a whole new world of iPad illustrative excellence with its intuitive design and impressive technology beneath the surface. If you work in a creative industry and have time wasted on a commute which could be use to form ideas then the Adobe Slide & Ink may well be your new best friend.

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