Getting the lighting right in a room isn’t always an easy undertaking and it invariably comes down to lamps to get your workspace or any other area lit up just the way you’d like it and, it’s fair to say, we’ve not seen many sleeker or more stylish lighting solutions out there than the fantastic looking Aerelight which is billed as the world’s first OLED lamp that has been designed with the end user in mind.

The Aerelight is the work of a small team of designers and engineers who operate out of Toronto in Canada and this highly intuitive piece of lighting will really enhance the visual appeal of your workspace whilst providing all the light that you require in an extremely well thought out way. The lamp itself is exceptionally energy efficient (using just 7w at maximum brightness), crafted from environmentally materials, can be charged wirelessly and boasts a super-cool capacitive touch dimming control function. We’re loving the aesthetics of the Aerelight here at Coolector HQ and you can see just why below:





If you’re after a cracking design and versatile lighting solution for your home then the Aerelight will definitely tick all of the right boxes and it boasts a highly functional design, no shortage of innovation and an aesthetic appeal that lends itself to more or less any room in the home or office. The key feature of this impressive construct is the OLED element of it as this is deemed the future of energy efficient lighting and the Aerelight is leading the way in this regard. We’re definitely hoping to get our hands on one to illuminate the workspaces of Coolector HQ.

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