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Beer is fuel. I think this is a fair assessment for most men but there are a good deal more profound quotes about the amber nectar than this to be found in an awesome looking Beer Quotes Print by a talented graphic designer and illustrator by the name of Vincent Avila.

Being one of the oldest beverages in existence, there has been plenty of time to come up with some eye-opening, humorous and, indeed, insightful quotes about beer and many of these have been captured in this superb looking print which will look perfect above any ale-loving chap’s workspace. The print is made by a beer lover for beer lovers and the typography excellence of it is what really stands out for us here at Coolector HQ and given our near obsession with all things craft ale, we really can think of few things we’d rather have hanging on our wall than this superbly conceived piece of beer art.

The Beer Quotes Print features 12 of Avila’s favourite quotes pertaining to the mouth-watering beverage and it measures 12″ x 16″ so what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in out and out awesomeness. It has been designed and printed in the United States and is the perfect piece for any boozy chap with a love of typography and that is us to a tee at The Coolector. Check out a few more shots of this cracking print below:



A smashing addition to any beer aficionados home, this first rate Beer Quotes Print from Vincent Avila is unquestionably right up our street here at The Coolector. If you’re similarly obsessed with all things hops and barley then you’ll likely have been nodding along to all of the quotes outlined above.

Give a man a beer and he wastes an hour but teach him how to brew and he wastes a lifetime

If you’re even remotely as obsessed with beer as we are at The Coolector then you will probably have already ordered your print but if not, what are you waiting for?

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