Wang Ruilin Animal Sculptures

Sculpture isn’t normally our bag here at The Coolector but there are some pieces that are too eye-catching and engaging to ignore and that’s the situation we find ourselves in having stumbled across these Wang Ruilin Animal Sculptures. In a collection of sculptures that goes by the name of “Dreams”, each of these stunning pieces superbly marries animals with nature in an highly innovative way.

Ruilin is a Chinese artist and sculptor who crafts his pieces from copper and they take their inspiration from classical Eastern paintings and his Dreams collection of sculptures was part of the Beijing Art Show earlier this year and it’s hard to argue with it’s visual appeal. You can see a few more of Ruilin’s extraordinary pieces of artwork below:







Though these wonderfully inventive sculptures would undoubtedly be out of our price range at The Coolector, that doesn’t mean to say we can’t revel in their peerless creativity and visual appeal and will definitely be keeping our eye on any future work to emerge from the skilled hand of Wang Ruilin.

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