Mahabis Slippers

In our ever-growing aesthetics based society, slippers have fallen off the radar. Granted the primary aim of slippers is to wear them indoors as a comfier alternative to shoes, but it’s fair to say we’d all agree that the classic slipper needed reshaping for a more youthful audience. Mahabis haven’t attached a celebrity, nor have they slapped a couple of tacky stripes here and there no. Mahabis have used global culture to serve as inspiration, whilst offering options to suit adaptability, and we like that at The Coolector.

The slipper design lays claim to Indian, Moroccan, and Scandinavian cultures, so we can high-five our multi-cultural friends for the sleek finish. We do however feel that a degree of acknowledgement should fall in the direction of the espadrille, and that perhaps Mahabis creation caters to the faults the Espadrille provides. It is then of no surprise that durability and comfort are the two-standout features, with interchangeability serving as the unique selling point.

mahabis slippers

mahibis grey

The Mahabis arrive with a variety of soles suited to the rigours of both indoor and outdoor activities, not to mention a variation of colours to suit your mood. On the other hand the there are three colours to choose from for your upper, with light grey and dark grey providing simplistic options, whilst the camouflage adds a hint of action man when you’re feeling adventurous.

Slippers don’t rock everyone’s socks, which is just as well because you don’t need socks with your Mahabis. With all this said and done, it is grandfather time who will dictate the reappearance of slippers in the fashion ascendency, and we concur that the Mahabis clan are having a bloody good crack at a none too easy job; we salute you great innovators of the slipper, carry on the cracking work.

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