Agile Premium Modular Backpack

In our experience here at Coolector HQ, a modular backpack is often the way forward for those men who demand versatility and functionality from their carry and we’ve not come across many better than this than the Agile Premium Modular Backpack, which is funding on Kickstarter right now. This stealthy looking offering has all the features and specifications required for any adventure and it’s easy to see why it’s proving so popular over on the crowdfunding site.

The Agile Premium Modular Backpack is billed as the ultimate solution for weekend adventures and everyday carry alike and regardless of what you’re using this top notch backpack for, it’s not going to let you down from a performance perspective and the materials used throughout its construction are second to none. Crafted to last a generation, this cracking carry from Agile Travel Gear has positively flown past its funding target on Kickstarter and there’s still time to bag yours for a bargain price before we head into 2018.

Built To Last

Robustness is a key requirement of any carry made for taking out into the wild and that’s a feature that you’ll find in spades with this superb Agile Premium Modular Backpack. This exemplary accessory was inspired by its creators busy lifestyle. With a combination of office work, commuting to visit clients and weekend trips out into nature, they required a carry that could look brilliant but also one that doesn’t let you down in the functionality stakes. With this objective acting as the catalyst for the design of the bag, the aim was to deliver a carry sufficiently versatile to tackle weekend adventures whilst at the same time, be stylish and sophisticated enough for business usage.

The Agile Premium Modular Backpack on Kickstarter has a highly impressive modular interior design which lets you pack for your specific requirements – whether they be work or play – without missing a beat. Whether you’re heading on a road trip, a photographer or just looking for your next day to day bag, this highly versatile offering from Agile Travel Gear is going to tick all of the right boxes and boasts both incredibly resilience in its design alongside mighty pleasing aesthetics throughout.

Carefully designed from the ground up, the Agile Premium Modular Backpack ensures that each and every aspect of the bag serves a purpose and there are no superfluous elements that are there just for the sake of it. This ensures the complete functionality of the carry and makes it genuinely one of the most useful and well-thought out designs that we’ve encountered on Kickstarter here at Coolector HQ.

Generation Game

There are some backpacks on the market that you wouldn’t back to last a single trip out into the wild but that’s certainly not the case with the Agile Premium Modular Backpack. This innovative piece of design combines with excellent craftsmanship and materials to deliver a functional and robust carry that you really can tailor to your requirements and make sure that you’re only carrying exactly what you need regardless of the adventure at hand.

Impressive features abound with this backpack which include the waterproof, ultra-tough TPU coating on the exterior which is joined by a USB charging port, three carry handles, strong, lockable YKK zippers and quick deploy straps for rapid changes of usage. This is one of the coolest looking carries, not to mention functional offerings, that you’ll find on Kickstarter and you can head over now if you want to pick one up for an unbeatable price.

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