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Anyone who regularly travels will know only too well the difficulties which can transpire when arriving in a new city and knowing where best to go to really appreciate the best in local experiences that said city has to offer. Well, there are few better institutions than that of hotels to best understand the ins and outs of a city and so it has proven with Renaissance Hotels’ The Navigator’s Table Campaign which strives to showcase how they are hotels for the¬†curious, the adventurous, for those who see every journey as a chance to be inspired by the unexpected.

The focal point of The Navigator’s Table campaign from Renaissance Hotels is to truly deliver the sort of experiences that you’ll go to new cities to enjoy and living like a local is what most of us will want to undertake when visiting exciting new places. With this top class campaign, Renaissance Hotels are showcasing exactly how they achieve this objective through really offering the ultimate in authentic city experiences.

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Tapping into the expertise of so-called “Navigators” in some of the major cities in which you’ll find Renaissance Hotels, you’ll be left mighty impressed with the calibre of the insights from these locals who know the cities in question like the back of their hands and will deliver compelling and engaging things to see and do whilst staying in their city.

The Navigator’s Table Campaign from Renaissance Hotels is a clever idea that will serve as an additional selling point to what their hotels offer because one of the biggest problems for travellers is knowing where to head when they arrive at their destination but this will put paid to that all too common problem.

Travel is something that we love here at Coolector HQ so we’ve definitely got a lot of time for this The Navigator’s Table campaign from Renaissance because anything that can make city trips more enjoyable is alright in our books. With hotels in some of the coolest cities in the world such as Amsterdam, London, Dallas, Hong Kong and Phuket, you’ll never be short of a guide to the best and brightest events, venues and places to visit in your chosen destination with a Renaissance hotel.

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