AliveCor Kardia Mobile

Heart disease and strokes are one of the biggest causes of death annually but the emergence of various forms of technology are helping to stem this tide and great innovations like the AliveCor Kardia Mobile is something which should become mainstream to provide peace of mind and accurate health readings for those particularly at risk.

Put simply, the AliveCor Kardia Mobile provides the most straightforward means of detecting possible atrial fibrillation early and thereby lessen your risk of stroke meaning that you can live life with confidence. This small but incredibly important piece of technology works alongside your smartphone to give you accurate, real-time readings on heart rate which may well be the difference between life and death.

Important Apparatus

Billed as a landmark development in personalised cardiovascular care, the AliveCor Kardia Mobile showcases how smartphone technology can have a huge bearing on our day to day lives and help improve the health situation of thousands of individuals. Described as offering early protection at your fingertips, this clever piece of apparatus is easy to use (you just place your fingers on the electrodes) and provides immediate results in the form of a medical grade EKG in 30 seconds.

For anyone who wants to monitor their heart rate simply and effectively from their smartphone and with fantastically accurate results, the AliveCor Kardia Mobile is the sort of technology that you’ll appreciate. It is extremely affordable (coming in at under £100) and will provide accurate, trusted data about your heart rhythm as and when you need it.

The AliveCor Kardia Mobile is essentially that extra peace of mind in your pocket and may just be one of the most important pieces of technology you invest in this year if you’ve any concerns or requirements to measure your heart rate on a regular basis. Innovative and important, its easy to see why there is a lot of buzz surrounding the AliveCor Kardia Mobile.

Healthy Heart

When you purchase one of the AliveCor Kardia Mobile devices it comes with a 30 day subscription to the premium service which includes unlimited storage and history so you can track your heart health over time to monitor any changes that have occured, such as AF, that could lead to stroke and it is this early catching of these conditions which is crucial.

Whilst it might not be the coolest gadget we’ve had on the pages of The Coolector, the AliveCor Kardia Mobile is definitely one of the most important from a health perspective and for anyone wanting to make sure they’ve got access to their heart health at the touch of a button, this is the device for you.

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