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If you’re looking for a TV streaming device and haven’t already spent your money on an Apple TV or Google’s offering then there is a new contender in town that goes by the name of Amazon Fire TV and, as you might expect from one of the world’s biggest brands, it positively exudes awesomeness.

The Amazon Fire TV is more than just a streaming device, it also boasts a multitude of other features which sets it apart from the crowd and it has definitely caught our eye here at Coolector headquarters given our love of gadgetry. This great looking bit of kit has the vast majority of your favourite services pre-programmed such as NetFlix, Hulu and Amazon Instant and a whole world of downloadable content at your fingertips.

HD-ready and 1080p optimised, the Amazon Fire TV is also a gamer’s delight and comes with a separate controller that is perfectly suited to the games which you can download direct from the device. The Amazon Fire is definitely going to be a contender in the home TV streaming device market and the fact it is chock full of awesomeness that isn’t found on the others currently on the market may well see it sit at the head of the top table.

amazon controller


We’ve already got a NOW TV here at Coolector headquarters and whilst we are mightily impressed with it, our head has been turned a little by the superb looking Amazon Fire TV device. If you wanting to take your first foray into the world of TV streaming then you’ll find few better places to start than with the technologically advanced and minimalist designed Amazon Fire.

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