American Design Club Rocket

We’re not quite sure why anyone would actually want a hand-painted, walnut rocket but, having born witness to this awesome American Design Club Rocket by Pat Kim, we here at Coolector HQ have an inexplicably yearning for one. Most likely stemming from our failed astronaut aspirations but also likely linked to the out and out excellence of their construction, we’ve fallen for these tip-top rockets pretty hard.

Crafted from solid walnut and meticulously painted by hand, these Pat Kim designed rockets look painfully superb and though we’re entirely lacking in ideas as to what we’d do with them, there’s no doubting that we want them. Measuring 15″ in height, they’re no shrinking violets and will make quite the impression in your homestead. Check them out below:



If you’ve had a clearout in 2014 in preparation for more home furnishings with no discernible purpose then we here at The Coolector would very much like to throw this American Design Club Rocket into the mix.

Price: $190

Available: American Design Club

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