Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collector’s Edition

For fans of the Batman movies since Christopher Nolan took up the reins behind the camera and decided that Bruce Wayne (and, by extension, Batman) wasn’t a complete douche-bag who pitted wits against the lamest villans known to man – I’m looking at you, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr Freeze – you’re in for an absolute treat with this The Dark Knight Trilogy Ultimate Collector’s Edition Boxset.

Even if you’ve already shown your appreciation for this great trilogy of films by, you know, buying the DVDs already, then don’t discount this collecter’s edition right off the bat because it offers plenty of features which your collection doesn’t currently boast. This includes plenty of hitherto unseen special features, exclusive interviews and a tonne of behind-the-scenes footage of how the films were made which, perhaps, is the most interesting part insomuch as it makes us realise how Nolan, as an accomplished director, didn’t balls up the great Batman dynamic whereas Joel Schumacher, on the other hand, with his Batman & Robin monstrosity, thought it would be better to film it as some sort of camp musical. I know which I prefer and which boxset I’ll be adding to my collection.


The good news doesn’t end there though because this ultimate collector’s edition also tosses in some uber-cool Mattel Hot Wheel vehicles including the Bat Mobile, Tumbler and the Bat-Pod. And, wait, there’s more – once you’ve finished watching the movies and playing with the toys, you can enjoy a 50-page book chock-full of cracking stills from the movies. All in all, a must have for any fan of the modern Batman Trilogy.

This cracking boxset will hit the shelves in September.

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