Arkonik Renegade Land Rover Defender

We’re well aware that there are a lot of workshops out there working on custom creations and restoration work but, in our opinion here at Coolector HQ, few are capable of rubbing shoulders with UK workshop, Arkonik, and as if to reinforce this fact, we introduce you to their latest offering, the frankly astounding Arkonik Renegade Land Rover Defender. A true sight to behold, this beast of a machine has, as with all their releases, sold rapidly and will be shipping off to its new owner in Ontario, Canada, before long.

The Arkonik Renegade Land Rover Defender has been hand-built in England and uses a first class 1992 machine as the basis for its fantastic finished form. It comes in a stealthy Corris Grey colour way and boasts a 3.5L V8 engine which is responsible for this contraptions unparalleled performance. With a price tag of $155k, you know this was going to be eye-opener vehicle and it is billed as an armour clad rebel which has broken out from the traditional Defender mould.

No Nonsense Aesthetic

There is a decidedly uncompromising aesthetic to the Arkonik Renegade Land Rover Defender and the no-nonsense design of this vehicle definitely appeals to our sensibilities here at The Coolector. Positively chock full of high end details and components, it’s plain to see that the new lucky owner in Canada has got a vehicle like no other on their hands and will, without doubt, be turning heads aplenty on the roads of Ontario in 2019.

The Arkonik Renegade Land Rover Defender is one of their finest custom restoration jobs to date and some of the most eye-catching details of this first rate machine include a bespoke Ruskin interior trim, Defender nudge bar and KBX® grille which has been expertly accentuated by the wonderfully bold Java Black and Corris Grey paintwork. It really will be impossible not to stop and stare when you see this Defender rolling by.

Incredibly well crafted from top to bottom, this Arkonik Renegade Land Rover Defender comes with Wideboy wheel arches, raptor-coated roll cage and bead locked alloys which all combine together to give this D110 a menacing vibe, fit for survival against any odds that will tackle more or less any terrain with some considerable aplomb. Some of the best exterior features include Land Rover Defender A-frame nudge bar with LED spotlights, Safety Devices roll cage with basket roof rack and x4 spotlights and a Raptor-coated steering & front differential guard.

Interior Excellence

Luxury positively abounds with the interior of the Arkonik Renegade Land Rover Defender (which you would expect from a vehicle costing $155k) and you’ll be blown away by some of the neat design touches. This includes Heated Elite Sports seats with centre lock box, three premium high back heated centre row seats, Arkon X black leather steering wheel and a Pioneer® Premium sound system with Apple® CarPlay & reversing camera.

Arkonik never cease to amaze us here at The Coolector with their breathtaking customisation and restoration work and this Renegade offering may well be their most magnificent and accomplished to date. For those with a love of rugged, uncompromising machines, you’ll find none better than this and it offers unparalleled luxury both inside and out.

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