Topo Designs Global Jacket

If it’s adventure apparel that you seek, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better candidate for your attention than that of Topo Designs, the Colorado based lifestyle brand, and this is particular true when it comes to finding outerwear for your adventuring wardrobe essentials. One of their latest offerings, the Topo Designs Global Jacket, has well and truly captured our attention here at Coolector HQ and for any man in the market for a new coat in 2019 that is built for adventure, look no further.

The Topo Designs Global Jacket is, as the name suggests, crafted with exploration and adventure in mind and this is something that shines through in the materials chosen and the overall calibre of this eye-catching piece of outerwear. With a price tag of $189, something that is nothing short of extraordinary considering the quality, the Global Jacket from Topo Designs is a compact, yet immeasurably versatile travel coat that you’ll be reaching for every time you head out the door in the coming weeks and months.

Built To Last 

There is an awful lot to appreciate with the Global Jacket from Topo Designs and chief amongst them is its structured hood, venting pockets and the fact that it offers just the right amount of stretch. It can be worn as a shell layer during cold weather, or simply wear over a tee for protection during the more unpredictable afternoon rain showers in the spring and summer months. Available in a number of different colours to suit your own sense of style, the Global Jacket is sure to be in a lot of men’s wardrobes over the next few months and beyond.

The Topo Designs Global Jacket ($189) is billed as the Colorado brand’s “go anywhere, do anything” jacket which points to its considerable versatility and first class materials used in its crafting. If adventure is in your blood and you want your outerwear to keep up with you, this is the sort of apparel that you will often find yourself gravitating towards. Ultra packable courtesy of the the PackFast™ Packing Band which you can use to roll up the jacket for travel, and you can use the external hang loop to dry it out after getting caught during midday showers.

Made from a classic fit 3oz polyester with 2-way mechanical stretch and laminated grid print, the Global Jacket from Topo Designs has a  10k waterproof rating which means whatever the weather throws at you, you should be pretty well protected. It also has waterproof YKK zippers, a structured visor hood with cord locks and aluminium cord caps and an extended collar for those chillier days of the year.

Perfectly Packable

The beauty of the Global Jacket lies in just how packable it is which means it can be stowed away for any road trip or wilderness adventure and pulled out when you need it or when the weather takes a turn for the worse. The sub-$200 price tag is remarkable for such a well made, waterproof jacket, and this excellent piece of outerwear is testament to Topo Design’s endeavours to deliver the best quality for the most affordable prices possible.

For any man in the market for a first class piece of outerwear this winter, the Topo Designs Global Jacket is certainly sitting at the top table in our opinion here at Coolector HQ. Stylish, robust and affordable, it’s easy to see why this latest release from the American lifestyle brand is already positively flying off the shelves and into the wardrobes of the adventure inclined out there.

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