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everyday is play

Video games are one of the vices that we’ve never quite outgrown here at Coolector HQ and rank fairly highly on our list of obsessions. However, being children of the 80’s, we have a certain nostalgia for the golden age of video games and miss the brutal simplicity and playability of the games of yesteryear – though, don’t get us wrong, we’re also equally as blown away by today’s next generation offerings.

Well, we can sate our appetite for vintage and retro gaming with this excellent looking book from Game Paused called Everyday is Play which, essentially, is a celebration of videogames in their various different guises over the years. The book provides a snapshot of the past, present and future of video games and offers an insightful and entertaining look at the way in which video games have shaped our culture. If you too have a latent, or indeed overt, love of video games then Everyday is Play will definitely make for a great bit of light reading in 2014 and we here at The Coolector hope to get our hands on a copy sooner rather than later.



A new dawn of video gaming is likely to have just begun with the arrival of the Playstation 4 and Xbox ONE so there is perhaps no better time to celebrate the past and give a nod to the machines that made today’s extraordinary machines possible and that’s exactly what you’ll be able to do with the excellent looking Everyday is Play book.

Price: £30

Available: Game Paused

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