Autodromo x Worn & Wound Group B Automatic Watch

If it’s automotive inspired watches that are your bag, then Autodromo are likely a watchmaker that are already on your radar but you may not have known that they’ve made a timepiece in collaboration with leading watch publication, Worn & Wound, and the resulting accessory is, as you would expect, an awesome timepiece that lovers of the brand are sure to appreciate.

The Autodromo x Wound & Wound Group B Automatic Watch is the fourth time the publication has joined forces with a watchmaker and the end results are always on point and it’s no exception with this glorious looking timepiece. Maintaining the motoring aesthetic for which Autodromo are best known, this collaborative effort comes in at just shy of $1000 and it is money well spent for such an eye-catching and stylish timepiece.

Motor Mayhem

We’ve got a real penchant for motor racing inspired watches here at Coolector HQ and this collaboration between Autodromo and Worn & Wound is one of the coolest we’ve seen in a while. This cracking timepiece is an exclusive version of their always popular Group B collection of watches and boasts plenty of unique detailing that sets it apart. It boasts a two-tone case which mixes a unique brushed gun metal PVD steel chassis with a super cool, matte titanium core and a hot red dial markers to deliver the unparalleled visual impact.

The Autodromo x Worn & Wound Group B Automatic Watch makes use of W&W position in the world of making watch straps and comes with a unique American-made lined Coal Single-Pass strap to join the traditional Group B strap, and this new offering takes its inspiration from the dark palette of the gun metal PVD. The strap has a striking matte, gray leather which has been sourced from the Horween tannery and black lining leather for a comfortable and stylish finish.

Visually impactful and high performing, this first class offering from Worn & Wound and Autodromo has many stand out features that have left us impressed here at The Coolector. These include a highly functional Miyota 9015 movement, a Chamfered Sapphire lens, 50m water resistance and the versatility that comes from having two classy straps which are easy to change for your to quickly change the look and feel of the timepiece.

Affordable Excellence

For any man with a love of motor racing and on the hunt for a luxury watch that doesn’t break the bank, Autodromo are always a good place to start but if you opt for this collaboration effort with Worn & Wound, you’ll get one that is a touch more unique and only available in limited numbers. Great materials and a striking design combine to make this a stand out watch in our opinion and another great example of why more watchmakers should be looking to join forces with Worn & Wound.

If you find yourself on the hunt for a striking, unusual timepiece in 2018, this Autodromo x Worn & Wound Group B Automatic Watch is going to tick all of the right boxes. Suitable for any occasion and designed with the wearer in mind, this great looking automotive inspired timepiece is right up our street here at The Coolector and, better still, it costs shy of $1000.

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