Avionics Electric Bike

When it comes to electric bikes you usually either get performance or style but seldom both. With these extraordinary looking Avionics Electric Bikes, however, it’s definitely a case of both form and function because you’re unlikely to come across a steed that looks as awesome as this nor one that has the same performance prowess. Put simply, if you want an electric bike that looks phenomenal and performs even better, this is the choice for you.

The Avionics Electric Bike was born from its creator’s fascination with aviation, cars and a real need for speed. They strived to craft a spectacular object. A machine that will deliver happiness, look amazing and boast unparalleled power and, in the Avionics Electric Bike, they have delivered all this and much more besides. We love the retro vibe of this incredible steed here at Coolector HQ and of the many electric bikes we’ve encountered in our time this is unquestionably amongst the finest.

Old School Cool

It is the visuals of the Avionic Electric Bike that immediately set it apart from the competitors, of which there is an ever increasing number in the world of electric bikes, and if you’re the sort that loves the cafe racer style aesthetic, this will be the machine for you. With a decidedly industrial looking feel to proceedings, this fantastic ride boasts chrome-plated headlamps which are powered by Cree XLamp XM-L LED bulbs and deliver a mighty impressive performance in terms of lighting the way in front of you.

Positively overflowing with eye-catching specifications and materials, it’s easy to see why excitement is already high surrounding the Avionics Electric Bike which is available for pre-order in September. Just some of the most impressive features of this supremely stylish steed include a 58 KM/H top speed (up to 120 KM/H in street mode), a 5000 watt brushless electric engine, lithium Ion battery, Hayes MX Expert brakes, Jabota wooden handles and seat and first rate Duro tyres.

Electric bikes are increasingly our bag here at The Coolector and this is even more the case when they are as technologically accomplished and visually impactful as this cracking offering from Avionics. For those of you with a real love of sleek design and top performing machines, it has got everything that you’ll be looking for in its craftsmanship and it’s genuinely one of the finest examples of design meeting performance we’ve seen in some time.

Material Matters

Clever use of materials make this excellent looking machine stand out still further and the combination of metal, wood and leather is something that really delivers the sort of visual impact that you just don’t get with so many other electric bikes on the market today. This is more than just the occasional runaround, this is the sort of machine that you’re going to want to ride day in day out and we’re loving everything about it here at Coolector HQ.

Electric bikes are increasingly becoming mainstream and it’s courtesy of those who dare to be different with their designs like Avionics that more and more consumers are making the switch from traditional bikes to electric ones and if we had to pick our perfect ride from an aesthetic and performance perspective then this would certainly be one of the chief contenders.

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