Bellroy x MAAP All Conditions Phone Pocket

Following on from a successful collaboration last year, two of our favourite brands here at Coolector HQ – Bellroy and MAAP – have joined forces once again on another top notch accessory that builds upon the hugely positive response to their last piece together. Say hello to the Bellroy x MAAP All Conditions Phone Pocket.

When it comes to cycling, few brands know more about the same of equipment, apparel and accessories that cyclists crave than the guys at Melbourne based, MAAP, and there aren’t many out there doing EDC better than Bellroy so it stands to reason that the excellent looking Bellroy x MAAP All Conditions Phone Pocket will have propelled itself to the top of any serious cyclist’s must have list because of its superb functionality and top notch aesthetic appeal.

Blue is the Colour

This time round, Bellroy and MAAP have listened to what the people wanted with their All Conditions Phone Pocket and have delivered it in an all new colourway – namely, Arctic Blue – and now also offer it in plus size iterations in order to accommodate the rather sizeable iPhone 7 device. Carrying your various essentials such as phone, money, keys and the like isn’t particularly straight forward when cycling but with this cracking little accessory, you’ll be able to fit all the must have pieces you need during your ride and port them about in some considerable style.

We’re big fans of the new Arctic Blue colourway of the Bellroy x MAAP All Conditions Phone Pocket here at The Coolector and it adds a whole new vibrancy to your EDC whilst out on your bike. You can fit a whole lot into this great little accessory including between 2-8 cards, iPhone 6 or 7 (and other similarly dimensioned phones), it has two coin pockets for the likes of keys, coins and folded notes and you’ll discover that there is little from your line up of pocket essentials that won’t fit into this wonderfully well crafted design.

It has a signature MAAP embossed print to the front of the pocket and it is crafted from water-resistant, all-conditions leather so you know it boasts the durability and robustness to withstand any weather that you encountered whilst out on your bike. It has a water-resistant YKK Aquaguard zip closure which does a cracking job of repelling water, and provides that extra peace of mind that your valuables will stay dry. Better still, this is all in a profile that slides neatly into the back of your riding jersey so it won’t slow you down.

Protected from the Elements

As this Bellroy x MAAP All Conditions Phone Pocket is purpose built for riding your bike, you’ll be glad to hear that it has been carefully crafted to make sure that it won’t let you down in any weather and boasts the finest materials available to deliver a performance that is beyond compare. It has a soft microfiber lining within which helps cradle your phone, alongside a special bumper which ensures your essentials don’t get thrown around during those bumpier rides.

For those of you who have long been waiting for the ideal accessory for carrying your essentials whilst cycling, the long wait is finally over courtesy of this brilliant looking and even better crafted Bellroy x MAAP All Conditions Phone Pocket. Stylish, versatile and with no shortage of storage space, you can do away with that zip-lock bag on your ride now and carry your wares in a much cooler solution.

Price: £79

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