Interior design is something that we have little or no knowledge in here at Coolector HQ but it is definitely something that interests us given our love or almost all design disciplines and when we come across genuinely unique and unusual pieces of furniture, it’s only right that we should shout about them and the latest to have caught our eye goes by the name of AXE-IDENT from Canadian design studio, Oliver’s Apt.

The AXE-IDENT series of furniture is, at first glance, perhaps nothing that out of the ordinary but upon closer examination its epicness becomes all too apparent. The AXE-IDENT collection of furniture from Oliver’s Apt is made genuinely unique by the fact it boasts the rather unusual addition of an axe to proceedings that really does make the finished product stand out from the crowd. With a tag line of ‘We threw an axe in it; you throw your stuff on it,’ these superb looking tables use the finest axe in the world (not that we’d know), the Swedish Gränsfors axe, in place of one of the table legs and awesomeness ensues.

A true statement piece of furniture, the AXE-IDENT collection from Oliver’s Apt is available in a number of different iteration which includes the aforementioned table, a shelving unit and an end-table – all as excellent as the last. Take a look at a few shots of these spiffing constructs below:








Each piece is crafted from a combination of black walnut with maple legs and a Swedish Gränsfors axe for the striking finished product you see before you and for any homeowner on the hunt for some absolutely spectacular pieces of furniture to elevate the visual appeal of their home, this is just one of many pieces to be found at Oliver’s Apt that will more than fit the bill.

Price: $1000

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