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We’re not the most cultured bunch here at Coolector HQ, with a distinct preference for craft ales over your fine wines but perhaps this is because we’ve been shunning fine wines when we should have embracing those which don’t have any trace of pretension. In short, we’ve just come to the conclusion that we should be drinking Bandit Wines.

Boxed wines are perhaps the most looked down upon of all the wines but there is no reason for this to be the case (probably – we’re not wine experts) and if they were all as awesome looking as these brilliant wares from Bandit Wines, we dare say that plenty more people would be quaffing their vino from boxes.

Bandit Wines are a California based wine company who decided to create a superb series of boxed wines that puts design at the forefront and makes their offerings striking first and foremost to compel more to try them and they’ve undoubtedly made converts of us here at The Coolector.

Bandit ensure that they don’t just offer great wines, the packaging used by Bandit is also commendable as it is largely made from renewable resources in order to be better for the planet and their lightweight packaging means that Bandit Wines are easily ported about to BBQ’s, picnics or any other outdoor event. Check out a few more shots of their delicious looking nectars below:




Bandit Wines are available in all the iterations that you would expect such as Pinot Grigio, Merlot and Chardonnay so regardless of your wine tasting palate, you are sure to find something that fits the bill with Bandit. We’re certainly by no means big wine drinkers here at Coolector HQ so anything that adds a design element to proceedings to draw us in is alright in our book and we’ve definitely fallen for the top notch offerings from Bandit Wines.

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