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Running is hard enough at the best of times but if you’re not suitably attired for your exercise routine, it becomes even more of an uphill struggle. Whilst we don’t run as much as we should here at Coolector HQ, we know how difficult a jog can become when you’re not wearing the right clothing and that’s why this excellent looking brand called Tracksmith have caught our eye with their superb and, more importantly, stylish array of apparel which is designed specifically with runners and joggers in mind.

Tracksmith are located in Boston (at the half-way point of the Boston marathon to be precise) and they dedicate themselves to crafting premium performance apparel which celebrates the culture and style of running and a mere glance at their fledgling collection certainly indicates that they’re doing a mightily good job of achieving this.

If you’ve grown weary of the garish running gear that is commonplace nowadays, you’ll likely rejoice in the more considered design and vintage visual appeal of their wares. We’re firm admirers of the aesthetic of Tracksmith’s running gear and you can check out a few shots below to see why it’s left us so impressed:






If you’re a keen runner and you’re after some apparel that understands the rigours of the pursuit and is also frightfully stylish, then you should certainly consider making Tracksmith your first port of call.

They don’t boast an extensive range of goods just yet but what they lack in diversity, they more than make up for in out and out awesomeness. We’re loving both the quality of their apparel and their dedication to provide expert running gear here at Coolector HQ and can’t wait to see the other pieces they add to their line up going forward.

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