Bandit9 Odyssey Motorbike

Well-designed motorcycles aren’t just machines for transportation. They’re pieces of artwork that quicken the pulse and feed the soul. Bandit9 understands this and uses science fiction to imagine the motorcycles of the future. Their latest creation is the Odyssey.

The Odyssey’s sleek, futuristic design is like a sculpture that invites you to never look away. The smooth lines and powerful shapes give it a bold but still somehow svelte appearance. It blends aeronautical designs with more conventional motorcycle wheels, suspension, handlebars and lights to make one of the most beautiful bikes we’ve ever seen.

Sci-Fi Becomes Reality

Bandit9 is known for crafting some of the most innovative and future-forward motorcycles in the world. With a gaze firmly set on the future, the company is able to build bikes unlike any other. Its highly stylized designs are coveted by collectors and featured in museums and showcases around the world.

The Bandit9 Odyssey is no exception. The company’s sleek styling has stayed but the cylindrical shapes featured on its other motorcycles is gone. In its place is a unibody shape that features one long curve from the handlebars down to the tail and a near 90-degree angle with lines reaching from the front of the frame to the rear and up from the corner or the angle up to the handlebars. It’s quite striking visually and is a much more substantial bike than the company’s previous models.  

Boasting a unibody design, the Bandit9 Odyssey is crafted from high-strength 904L steel. It has a seat with memory foam that is covered in Italian calf leather. The components of the bike are made of aeronautic materials and designed for competition. The machine tolerances for the Odyssey are precise down to nanometers. In short, this is a bike built by people who not only care but know exactly what they’re doing.

Bespoke Craftmanship, Proper Engineering

The Odyssey features Avionics, a system used to guide and manage the motorcycle. It was inspired by aircraft and the see-through LED display projects from below the tank when in use. All the rider need do to see the information is look down. The display is directly behind the handlebars. In addition to that innovative feature, the bike has Borani Rims, Marzocchi forks, Beringer Aerotec brakes, and OLED systems.

Powering the motorcycle is either a 1400cc v-twin or a dual-drive electric motor system. The choice is up to the buyer. Either way power is fed to the bikes rear wheel via a shaft drive. Only 9 of the Odysseys will be built, so if this sci-fi inspired, high-powered, bespoke machine tickles your fancy, you’d better move fast and be ready to foot the bill to order this bike about six months before you actually expect to ride it.

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