Way Huge Swollen Pickle™ Jumbo Fuzz Dirty Donny Edition

Though we don’t have a single musical bone in our body at The Coolector (literally not one), it was entirely too difficult to ignore something that we stumbled across such was the insurmountable awesomeness of their packaging and branding. The item in question is the Way Huge Swollen Pickle™ Jumbo Fuzz Dirty Donny Edition Pedal and, as you can see above, it boasts an utterly unparalleled visual appeal that entirely circumvented our complete absence of musical knowledge and appealed to our design and branding sensibilities superbly well instead.

The Way Huge Swollen Pickle™ Jumbo Fuzz Dirty Donny Edition Pedal is a limited edition offering from this well-established and much loved brand who have been creating world class apparatus for musicians the world over for well over forty years now and, in our view, they can’t have created many more visually arresting than this stunning number which, brilliantly, has limited edition artwork which has been designed by legendary rock artist, Dirty Donny.

If you’re a card carrying member of a band and require a new pedal to let your musical prowess soar, we wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this splendid offering though, truth be told, we don’t know the first thing about music and have merely been bewitched by it’s superb packing and artwork. Check out why we love this pedal so much below:

Dirty-Donny (2)

Dirty-Donny (3)

Dirty-Donny (4)

Dirty-Donny (6)

Dirty-Donny (7)

Such is our dearth of musical knowledge here at The Coolector, we don’t even really know what the pedal above strictly does but any limited edition offering that comes with its own individually numbered hotel keyring to symbolise its uniqueness is OK by us and we can only imagine how much more those with a semblance of musical talent will appreciate this top notch piece of musical apparatus.

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