Needless to say, we’re quite partial to beer here at Coolector HQ so we’re always on the lookout for ace gadgets and accessories that help sate this appetite of ours. This led us squarely to the door of this top notch Indiegogo campaign by the name of BeerGater and if, like us, you like a delicious drop of the amber nectar whilst out and about, this is a product for you.

The BeerGater device on Indiegogo is billed as the best tailgate accessory for delivering your favourite beer on tap on your next camping trip or when you head to the beach. This great bit of kit will transform your average cooler into the ultimate tailgating experience and let you serve any of your favourite craft beers (or other beverages) on tap.

Get Your Beer On

Cleverly designed, the BeerGater is an all-in-one system which will effortlessly provide cold beer (or any other beverage) directly from the tap at any outdoor or other social engagement and it does this without the hassle or cost of renting a keg or related equipment. The BeerGater is capable of housing two 1.5 Gallon Kegs so you’ll have plenty of your favourite tipple on tap with this superb bit of kit as this equates to 24 pints of beer – more than enough for most backyard BBQs or nights around the campfire.

The BeerGater on Indiegogo puts paid to the annoyance of having to rent a keg for a BBQ, camping trip or work event and gives you the pleasure of being able to pour your favourite beer with a tap. Cheaper, easier and with considerably less wastage than hiring a keg of beer, the BeerGater is going to be a godsend for those who like to throw events with beer on tap but don’t want any unnecessary expenditure or problems to arise.

Incredibly portable (considerably more so than your average keg), the BeerGater weighs in at just 8 lbs, which is central to its extreme portability. Whether you’re headed to the big game or to the beach, loading in and packing up your BeerGater is about as effortless and straightforward as it gets. Though we’d only use it for our favourite craft beers here at Coolector HQ, that doesn’t mean to say that you couldn’t use it for other drinks such as soda, cocktails, water and basically anything you can think of.

Straightforward Set-Up

It couldn’t be simpler to get up and running with the BeerGater and all you have to do to get your beer flowing is fill up the two pressure tanks with your favourite ale and then chill in the fridge the night before your event. Then it’s just a question of attaching the two pressure tanks to the BeerGater plate with the hose provided and then pressurise it with a shot of C02 and then you’re good to go.

The BeerGater has, as you might expect, gone down a storm on Indiegogo amongst beer lovers out there and you can pick yours up for just $79 during the campaign, which is some 20% off the RRP after the completion of the Indiegogo campaign. Affordable, lightweight and extremely versatile, we’re loving the capabilities of the BeerGater here at Coolector HQ.

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